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Is requirement necessary for the acquisition of products offered _ in East site , that you read and accept the following Terms and Conditions that are written below . The use of our services So how to buy our _ products will imply that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use in the present document . All the products that are offered for our website could _ to be created , collected , sent or presented for a third web page and in such case they would be subject to their own Terms and Conditions . In Some cases , to acquire a product , it will be registration required _ by the user , with data entry personal reliable and definition of a password .

the user may choose and change the password for your account management access _ _ in any moment , in case there has been registered and let it be necessary for the purchase of any of our products . edutimes.org assumes no responsibility in case I deliver said key to third parties .

All purchases and transactions carried out _ _ _ for middle of this website , are subject to a confirmation and verification process , which might include the verification of the stock and availability of the product , validation of the form of payment , validation of the invoice ( in if it exists ) and compliance with the conditions required by means of payment _ selected . In Some cases may be required a check for mail medium _ electronic .

The prices of the products offered in is Online store is valid only in shopping _ made in East website .


edutimes through his _ _ website grants a license for the users use the products that are sold in East website according to _ _ Terms and Conditions described _ in East document .


In if applicable (for sale of software, templates , or other product design and programming ) you can not _ place one of our products , modified or unmodified , on a CD, website , or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale for any type .


you ca n’t to declare property intellectual or exclusive to any of our products , modified or unmodified . Everybody the products are property of _ content providers . _ In Unless otherwise specified , our _ _ products are provided without any type of warranty , express or implied . In no is company will be responsible for any damage including , but not limited to, damages direct , indirect , special , fortuitous or consequential or other losses resulting from the use or inability to use our products .


In the case of products that are goods irrevocable non-tangible, we do not perform refunds after the product is shipped , you You have the responsibility to understand before you buy it . We ask you to read it carefully before you buy it . We make only exceptions with this rule when the description does not conform to the product . there are some products that could have guarantee and possibility of reimbursement but East will be specified when purchasing the product . In such cases the warranty will only cover factory faults and will only be done effective when the product has _ used correctly . The warranty does not cover breakdown or damage caused for use improper . Warranty Terms _ _ is it so associated with manufacturing and operational faults _ in conditions normal of the products and will only be made effective these terms if the team has been used correctly . This includes :

– According to specifications techniques indicated for each product .
– in conditions environmental according to specifications indicated by the manufacturer .
– in use specific to the function with which it was factory designed .
_ – in operating conditions _ electrical according to specifications and tolerances indicated .


customer ‘s purchase _ may to be deferred for verification antifraud . Too many to be suspended for more time for a research more rigorous , to avoid transactions fraudulent _


This edutimes.org guarantees that the personal information you send has security _ necessary . the data admitted for user or in the case of requiring a validation of the orders will not be delivered to third parties , unless it must to be revealed in compliance to a court order or requirements legal .

Subscription to email newsletters _ _ electronic advertising is voluntary and could to be selected at time of creation his account .

edutimes booking the rights to change or modify these terms without notice .